Best Airsoft BBs and BB Weight

Who Makes the Best Airsoft BBs?

Before we discuss who makes the best airsoft bbs, we should talk a look at airsoft bb weight. Many argue that since .20 Airsoft BBs are usually the lightest weight that quality BB’s are sold in, and since they move at greater speed compared to other weight options, they are superior. Then why do many experienced airsofters elect to use .25 airsoft bbs or even .30’s? The answer is due to the fact that they carry more mass behind them and travel through brush much easier.

There are also those who prefer .23’s and .28 airsoft bbs because they offer a combination of the benefits from .20’s and .25’s, and .25’s and .30’s, respectively. These sizes are considered odd by industry standards so .23’s and .28 airsoft bbs are, unfortunately, usually harder to come across than what are considered a more normal airsoft bb size. Since these specialty airsoft bbs are only .02 grams lighter than other BB’s, many smaller airsoft retailers choose not to carry them because they would have to carry double the inventory.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, .40 gram airsoft bbs are not often mentioned because they are so heavy in comparison to the others. Where this size is useful is with higher fps (feet per second) weapons, such as modded AEG’s and snipers, because they fly true even through light obstructions or impediments. In order to get a BB that heavy to move at a sufficient velocity, the weapon firing it typically fires at a velocity not permitted on most fields.

Many under-powered spring pistols or low power AEG’s shoot at a speed not considered usable by experienced airsoft player standards, so the owners use .12 gram airsoft bbs in order to compensate for the lack of power. This size bb is usually frowned upon in competitive games because it means the weapon is low fps, but these weapons are much more affordable for the beginning airsofter. Personally, I prefer to use .23’s or .25 airsoft bbs, due to their versatility and because they are so common.

What is the best brand? Well you will have to decide which one you like best, but here are some of the major brands. Valken Tactical, Elite Force, and G&G provide high quality BB’s that come in most or all of these weight options. These are not the only quality brands, but arguably the most prevalent today. Need to buy some? Check out our store.

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